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Next summer course 22.-28.7.2024 at Orivesi campus

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The Helsinki Early Music Society ( Collegium Musicae Antiqvae Helsingiense, CMAH) connects people with an interest in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music.  If you are interested in early music, singing, playing or listening, you are in the right place.   Our main activities are

The Helsinki Early Music Society maintains a music sheet library, available for the members.

From our pages you can find more information of our activities. We also have a Facebook group  CMAH – Helsingin vanhan musiikin seura.

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Order live music

Do you want to create the  festive atmosphere of the Baroque era in your event?  Then order music from our Baroque orchestra Amore Barocco.  We  build up a performance for your needs. You can order a small  set of players or the whole orchestra.


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If you prefer Medieval or Renaissance music, music from Cappella Tibia / Inferno is for you.  Cappella Tibia is a softly playing ensemble using   recorders, bowed string instruments and lutes. Inferno is a  loud woodwind ensemble, especially suitable for outdoor events.

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