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The summer course is organized at Oriveden Kampus, an institute maintained by the Cultural Cooperative Pro Orivesi. The campus is located nearby the center of Orivesi city, some 40 km northeast of Tampere.

The address is Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi.

Photo: Jussi Valkeajoki



How to get there

The course location is easy to reach either by train, bus or your own car

By train

Travel by train from Helsinki takes a couple of hours. The Orivesi railway station is located about four kilometers from the campus (address Asematie 15). Between the railway station and Orivesi center commutes a free dial-a-bus. You need to order it no later than 1h before arrival. The telephone number is +358 040 350 1456.

Another alternative is to take a local train from Tampere. It has a stop a couple of hundred meters from the campus (Orivesi center).

By bus

Orivesi is located just next to the main highway between Tampere and Jyväskylä, and there is a lot of bus alternatives. The bus schedules can be found on the general bus schedules at The main bus station is a couple of hundred meters from the campus.

By car

With your own car the driving time from Helsinki to Orivesi is approximately 2,5 h.

Accommodation and meals

There are several room types available, either single or double rooms with own or shared bathrooms. You do not need to bring your own towels or sheets with you, except a swimming towel.

The course meals are served in the restaurant of the campus. The fee includes three daily meals: breakfast, lunch and  dinner. In case you follow a special diet, please indicate it in the registration form.


Oriveden Kampus
Koulutie 5, 35300 Orivesi


Tel. +358  45 263 7673 or +358 45 258 0848